Collection: A-POD

Upgrading your Honda Pioneer 1000 with OEM Honda soft doors is popular for those seeking additional protection from cold weather. Once installed, you will find that the lower plastic OSP cover accompanying the Honda soft door kit blocks access to the A-pillar for mounting clamps and attaching aftermarket mirrors. The lower A-pillar is the preferred location to mount mirrors because the mirror is in a familiar position like those found in everyday cars or trucks and provides a more natural-looking position. Another issue that was raised during our testing is that the lower OSP cover and surrounding materials on the soft door frame may inadvertently reduce the visibility of horizontally mounted passenger side mirrors and totally block mirrors that mount vertically. In our book, side mirrors are essential for safety, especially when navigating tricky terrain or narrow trails. With a suitable set of adjustable mirrors, you can maintain excellent rear visibility, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable off-road experience.